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  1. Stephen Michaels
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    What if when you first started out, you both were deeply in love with eachother. Love you nevet knew was possible. You got scared and she got needy and wanted to be the most important thing in your life and you had a lot going on in your life and you were immature and you sometimes told her off for it or didnt include her in everything sometimes. Then after a few years she stopped trying and you freeked out and became the needy and whiny one. Then she broke up with you for good because you were heartbroken and sad all the time. She wont talk to you anymore. She said she let go and is happy being single. That you should move on. But you love her. She called you her soul mate once but you weren’t ready for that and when you were she had given up. Its all your fault. You had emotional problems and trust issues. Now your better. You went to counseling and truly changed because you wanted to and you really love her, she is your soul mate, but she won’t talk to you. She blocked your phone. I really dont want to regret it all my life. I know why our love ended and and I have fixed the root causes. How do I get her to see that I have changed? I dont want her to feel like Im forcing my love on her and I don’t want to never know if that amazing love could last now that I have changed.

  2. Adrian
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    Holy mackerel!!! That is exactly what is going on with me. Pfa and other shitz. I hope we both could move on this oppressive rut were in.


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