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  1. Renee Zillweggar
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    That’s true! There are things that we must take into consideration especially in having our ex back. We must not do something that will decrease our chance of getting them back. It might push them away even more. Make sure that he/she likes to be with you and that the feeling is mutual. Thanks for posting this article.

  2. zippo
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    HI I recently bumped into my ex from 17 years ago…it was like we picked up from where we left off…the chemistry was there. I have to add that he split up with me…and i was heartbroken and it took me a few years to get over him. He met his wife quite quickly after our breakup and married shortly after that. I met my husband and we married but i have to say he was never the love of my life..i was at the age of 40 and really wanted to be married and have kids. Which i did after a lot of attempts…i have my beautuful daughter…the centre of my life. So my marraige is a loveless existance. My hb is a pilot based in middle east and is never home…i missed him at the beginning but came to learn i was lonely when he went away but was lonely when he was home. He didnt talk much and lately ive told him i think he could be a spy as he never devulges anything. Really. Anyway there are so many other things ii couldsay but it would take too long. Im not in love with him. I am ready to move on…not that i want to do but there is only so much i can take. We have done counsilling…like trying to prise a clam open…made me realise how lonely this marraige is. As i said meeting my ex ignited a fire in me andi know its not right but its amazing. We r in touch by text. He is going thru a seperation and he is leading a seperate life frm his wife. Anyway im ramblng that 2 glass of wine. But i am ready for my new life with my daughter..adios


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