Men Do Not Be Too Cautious, Be Kind, Breaded with Words

Men Do Not Be Too CautiousThe language a pair uses, specifies also the climate of their mutual relations. Many people don’t take into account the fact how important is the way they communicate with their beloved one. The ignorance of this fact in particular leads to gradually fading the feelings and obvious estranging and indifference to the personality of the beloved one.

Maybe many of you have asked themselves the question:

“What does attract a woman to a man and vice versa – a man to a woman, when they first meet each other?”. The answer is: The charming smile and the ability of the person in front of you to caress delicately with words your self-respect and intellect.

The language for communication used between man and woman serves also for distribution of the power. Often one could observe that men use a harsh and rude language with their better halves. The everyday rude and harsh language is a proof that it could serve as a tool for acquisition of more power, too. With the rude and humiliating words the partner strengthens and maintains his domination over the woman. Many men who use this way of communication forget fully about the soft and loving tune. And this in particular could help you for getting close to her in a delicate way. Besides taking into account her mood and trying to understand the relations between them both additionally could strengthen their feelings and to allow them live their happy moments being together.

Often it is the man who can’t realize that by means of his direct attacks he is creating an atmosphere of fear with his partner. As in this way he makes her unconsciously depress her own emotions and feelings.

It is unbearable for a woman, when the man uses cynical words and clear gestures during a conversation, as well as when he swears with the smallest disapproval.

With words one could caress, but one could manipulate, confuse or insult, too. The language shows the behavior of the person to the world, and of course to his own partner. This is why we should be very careful in what words and expressions we are using in our everyday life. Since it is very easy that the used by us words could harm and insult the person in front of us. It is good when every single man should try to check his dictionary. Whether it is not too rude, violent or insulting. And if this is so, no man should wonder when he feels her partner being far away from him, even if she is physically next to him. The humiliation could be avoided with some more tact and attention to the person next to you. With some skillful movements with the hands this feeling of distance could not be overcome. Rather with words, which caress, love and make the person happy.


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