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  1. Ryan Lehnertz
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    My ex and i dated for nine months and is with a dude now and there taking vacations and shit and its only been three weeks. She blocked me on fb i told her if her and her daughter need anything to let me know sje says likewise. I told her i wana show her the man i should be for her and her daughter and showed are wedding finger tats to her. Well now i have a career and am getting my own house and am basically moving up. Her family freinds see it. And this new guy lives an hour away from her and she comutes for the d. I havent contacted her since the last things i said which its been a week. What should i do next should i contavt her in a month or just not text her and see what happen. My fb shows I’m doing good and stuff. I guess she talked shit on fb saying on to the next. And blocked my family and freinds off fb. Do you have any advice i could get.my small family back?

  2. linda
    linda at |

    hi ryan i know what its like i was going out with this guy for 10 month we did every thing together and all of a sudden he didnt want to know me its been 7 months now he is seeing someone else and it still hurts me he has pick a younger woman and he does’nt even look at me when i see him in the street and i dont know what i have done to him to treat me like this so dont think your alone cause your not.


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