To Get My Ex-girlfriend Back – A Quixotic Quest

Get My Ex-girlfriend BackDon’t just sit there. If she’s worth fighting for, then pursue her and win her back! Those were the thoughts ringing in my mind a few days after the break-up with my girlfriend. I really wanted to get my ex girlfriend back.

For the last few months our relationship was smooth sailing – no major quarrels. I thought that was a good sign. I felt that we were easing in to one another and becoming more and more compatible. I didn’t expect that we were getting complacent, and little by little we were drifting apart. Until a third party came, and she succumbed. It was very painful for me. But she is much too special to lose. I will do all I can to get my ex girlfriend back. But how?

I will just have to show her how much I love her. But how? Probably I have to understand her in spite of the hurt that I feel. But how? I will have to put her concerns ahead of mine. But how? Honestly, I don’t know.

Yes, it will be difficult to get my ex girlfriend back.

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I will have to answer a lot of “how’s” and “why’s”, most of which I will never have answers to. And all of these I will be doing while harboring a broken heart. I should be able to forget my pride and win her back regardless of the pain she caused me. I should be able to forgive even if no apology is extended.

Notwithstanding the odds, I will still pursue her. I will still get my ex girlfriend back. Yes, it is beyond reason. But who ever said that love is bound by reason. Yes, it may bring about more emotional devastation for me. But isn’t her absence in my life already the worst emotional devastation ever?

My continued faith in love will give me strength in my quest. Because I believe that true love will conquer all. Accuse me of being romantic. Blame it on my being young at heart. Call me crazy. But the romanticism and youth and insanity make life worth living. And I thank God for giving me a chance to experience true love in my lifetime.

Now I am on this quixotic pursuit of my fair damsel’s affection. The mere thought that it once was gives me hope that it can once again be. The absence of a Sancho Panza will not deter me from the Holy Grail, which is my maiden’s love. I will yet get my ex girlfriend back.


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