Can I Get My Ex Back If She’s Already Dating?

Can I Get My Ex Back If She's Already DatingGet My Ex Back gets this question a lot, as do I personally. I don’t want to stall here – YES, you can get your ex back even if he or she is already dating someone new. Will it be more difficult to get your ex back than it would be if he or she was single? Depends.

Here’s why I don’t know why you and your ex broke it off, but what ever the reason you still have a great chance to win your ex back. As people we’re more prone to be around people we know better, things are simpler that way, seem more natural. Same goes for your ex.

If it’s s an ex girlfriend she will feel much more confident with you who already saw her naked than whit a guy who she just started seeing.

If you want your ex boyfriend back, he’ll also feel a lot less pressure when getting back to the familiar turf.

Text Your Ex Back (Girlfriend)

The fact that you want to make up with your ex and he or she is already dating doesn’t mean that your ex is over you. It just means that your ex is having a rebound relationship. And in 95% of the cases, those tend end after 2-3 months.

Your ex is probably in a hurry to get over you and is not clear on what he or she feels. But is for sure not looking for that someone special, just someone who he (or she) can project his (or hers) feeling he has for you.

What you can do to accelerate the process and get your ex back is to give your ex some space in a new relationship. I know it’s exactly the opposite of what you have a need to do, but her me out:

  • You can’t make your ex change his mind – not about your or the other person
  • You can take the break up with dignity
  • You can make your ex miss you

What you need to do in order to fix your broken relationship (and if she or she is seeing someone else) is give them time to fall apart naturally, let your ex miss you, keep the contact to a minimum and be very friendly when you meet them together.

Say hi how are you, nice running into you and walk away?

Don’t make a scene or plead or beg.

Your ex will want to get back at you once he or she realizes true feelings he or she has for you. Also towards the other person in the picture. And if the new relationship doesn’t go well (like I sad in 95%of the cases) your ex will start to miss what you had.

You’ll get your ex back by being patient and giving them some time.


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  1. Matthew Savageau
    Matthew Savageau at |

    well i dont really know where to start about my issue. if were to start from the beginning it would take to long. so short version for now unless you are interested in hearing the rest later. i really need some advice i cannot stop thinking about my ex girlfriend. it has been 7 months since she moved out of my house and left me. since then she has not made any contact with me unless i sent something to her first. and even then with many attempts of writing her the only response i got from her 3 months ago was to leave her alone. she blocked me from Facebook, and blocked my cell number at one point not sure if i am still blocked on her phone. i am in love with her and i want to marry her at one point i mean before the breakup and everything went down hill. so i have no idea how long she has known her current boyfriend i know this and that is they just became friends on facebook at the beginning of the month and now as of the 12th she is in a relationship with this other guy.

  2. Sean
    Sean at |

    It’s been 3 months since I caught my ex with another guy I love her and miss her Her name is Alma born 7/7/70 my name is Sean born 7/4 /67. I said some bad words to her when it happened but she never officially Brok up with me I walked in and found her with a guy I love her and her children will she come back.


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