Adam and Aubrie’s Flash Mob Proposal

I’m thrilled to share yet another beautiful marriage proposal story, this time describing Adam Ashenfelter and Aubrie Gail Nelson’s flash mob proposal. Adam has been kind enough to share with us his plans for the proposal, the people he managed to get involved, and how the idea went down in real life.

Adam’s Story

Aubrie was working at the Dallas Arboretum as an event facilitator. Her job was to carry out all the plans of an event. She gets to work and receives a packet with instructions. I got the crazy idea that it would be such an epic surprise to plan a fake event for her to work and it be her own engagement. I told my family my plan, and my younger sister Katie recommended I should get a flash mob. I disregarded the idea because she’s a theater/romantic valley girl. I thought that flash mobs were way too extravagant and only happen on TV, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized how perfect it would be.

I want to let this be known though, I have never wanted to “one-up” anyone, especially when it comes to this stuff. I believe that each person and relationship is completely different, thus for changing the dynamics of what is considered perfect. Me and Aubrie are both eccentric, so how I went about this was right up our alley. She didn’t think I could ever surprise her with anything because she can read me too well. On top of that, she has always said that I couldn’t even begin to know what her job is like. I had something to prove!

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